Onew Come to My House

onew shinee
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I dreamed last night. Something freaky and non sense, but I love it!

I can’t remember how it start.

I was staying in my home, then suddenly my old sister -Nia called me to come out. So I followed her, then…

Oh MY GOD! Who’s there standing in front of our house. There are Onew and who? I don’t really sure maybe Chanyeol or Kai. I said hello and they turn around. Our eyes contacted to each other. I don’t believe them here… I really want to jump and scream. Arrrggghhhh…. Nice to meet you really really.

So I start a conversation.

Me : What are you doing here.

Cy/Kai : We are looking for the stars.

Me : Stars? Ooy, yeah our place is a good place to do it. (First time I knew it, actually)

On/Cy/Kai : Emm yeahh… (at the same time they walk slowly back, go away from us)

Me : Ouh~ oppa how are you. It’s really nice can see you.

Then I saw one more person, is that Minho? In a case before I got a sleep I watch his drama “Somehow 18” and cried after it.

Minho looked so pale and I could see his pain. Please don’t be sad anymore huhuhu…

Then the dream pass…

After that, I saw from a long distance something was happening. What’s that? I saw someone there, maybe a korean actor I don’t remember it. So I said I want to go there. I want see what was happening there. But surprisingly there are some people came to my house. That’s Chris Hemsworth ! The cast from THOR !

chris hemsworth
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Me : Oh my … Chris Hemsworth. Whaatt are you… (I almost screamed) Wow, see you in real, you obviously taller than I see you on the movie. (I’m smiling)

He didn’t speak anything. Just gave me a smile.

He has gone…

Then I went to the place where the actor was standing.

Me : What are you doing here. (I ask one of people there)

Someone : I’m doing a casting for a ….. (She said a tittle of drama or movie)

Me : I want to join. I can do an acting. (I said conidently)

So I start to act with my all abilities…

I woke up and the end.

I still can’t believable I saw SHINee’s member since I’m a Shawol.