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Married or not?

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This morning my co worker asked me like this “So do you feel like want do that (wedding) too?” like teased me. And I just like ” eheemmm~ not yet” said it slowly.

I really still like my loneliness, not completely lonely. And now I’m on enjoying to be ‘a fan girl’ so I don’t want to make rush with ‘marrying someone’. Oh guys… life never get back I just wanna enjoyed this time with working, doing my hobbies, traveling and anything else. Even I have a day called “My Day” when I’ll do everything I want.

So why my co worker asked like this? Honestly yesterday exactly on Sunday I became a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding -let’s call her Ace. A few days ago she asked me to do that and of course I couldn’t say no.

I have to change my off work schedule and have to go back to my home town. With my another friend Hinni (not real name). Hinni will stay overnight in Ace’s house. And Me? no oh.. I’ll sleep in my home.

Then on the day, I went early in the morning to Ace wedding place -I looked like a foolish I forget where it is. When I entered the wedding place, I met her old sister and told me to get in to the make up room. I was so so nervous. This is not Ghosts House right? But why I’m so scare, please don’t let me in. I opened the door slowly…and saw Hinni was being used make up. I’m shocked. She looked like this…

hinnie 1
my capture

I said to the make up artist that I’ll do the make up base by myself and she said okay. But finally she added more make up base to my face. I just felt like ‘huu…’ I couldn’t take this anymore. But last I said “Please make it natural” then Imo answered “I’ll not make you like a green snake just take easy girl” Okay Imo, I surrender just do what you want (Imo call for old woman in Korea).

When Imo said it well done, I quickly grab my mirror and I want to cry.

Stop.. I know you are laughing now. But I’m laughing too…. hahahaha

I send my photo to my sister and she said “I want sweep under my bed using your eyelashes lol”

I want do the same.

Little by little I removed my make up, took out the faked eyelashes and finally remove it all. I change with my everyday make up. I got really relieved seeing my face.

my everyday look

I’m not judge that is terrible so much, but that’s not my style. I love something light ,fresh and also  natural. Maybe for some people it’s okay to looked like that or liked strong make up like that. It depends on personal taste. And I’m not one of them.

My friend Ace looked like enjoyed her make up, she didn’t even touch her face to remove it. In the otherwise I wanted to wipe it using cleanser. I really feel so pity about her, on my eyes she looked so older than her age. And his husband looked like terrible with unsuitable make up. He looked like use a flour. The powder he used too bright. Please forgive me to say it.

That’s one of some reason I’m not ready to get married yet. I worry to looked like that, I worry I looked like terrible, like a foolish, like a clown, like someone got hit,like a cream patched on my face and looked so ugly. My face isn’t pretty enough so don’t make it wore.

The other reason, in a drama I saw some people didn’t feel happy with their marriage and some people get hurt by their partner of life.

And one thing who very very important is I still can’t find my Star, my partner of life, my lovely guy, my Minam (call for cool guy in Korea). I wonder that he is a Korean Guy. I hope my life will be so fun and get so many luck.

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photo cc : Vanilla sky edited by me

Cheer happy people, let’s get it.