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Her Room Getting Messy

Your dream…>>

harry potter room
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Fact in your house…

Let’s get in ->

nia's chamber

nia's chamber

What’s on the table

1.     Tissue case

2.     Highlighter stick

3.     Jars

4.     Pencil case with a lot of fans

5.     Cell phone

6.     Vase with flower

7.     Potion replica

8.     Books

9.     Boxes

10.  Bag

11.  Belt

12.  Tripod

13.  Etc-

It’s not mine~ but someone in my house lol

Whatever ~ “How you lay on this bed?”

nia's chamber

nia's chamber
Even cat love sleep on the bed

However you want lol

Put it on, put that on too~

Ouch, make it (envelope) fly

I love those flies keep flying in corner of the room

(This is actually flying keys on Harry Potter and The Sorcerer Stone)

messy room nia's chamber

Where your make up couldn’t be handled anymore


And also your fashion stuffs

I guess I must replace this,,, this is not only photos we have

But maybe after this post get 100 viewers hahahaha

messy room nia's chamber

Everything you see on the photos above, don’t let your mind thinking how could, we do nothing with all the messy. Open your eyes, in this world it’s not impossible to another rooms looked like that.. I hope so~~ LOL

At least you still can open your window and make the sun shine come in.

messy room nia's chamber

Thanks to see unnecessary story here

Hope you enjoy budy!!