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Married or not?

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This morning my co worker asked me like this “So do you feel like want do that (wedding) too?” like teased me. And I just like ” eheemmm~ not yet” said it slowly.

I really still like my loneliness, not completely lonely. And now I’m on enjoying to be ‘a fan girl’ so I don’t want to make rush with ‘marrying someone’. Oh guys… life never get back I just wanna enjoyed this time with working, doing my hobbies, traveling and anything else. Even I have a day called “My Day” when I’ll do everything I want.

So why my co worker asked like this? Honestly yesterday exactly on Sunday I became a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding -let’s call her Ace. A few days ago she asked me to do that and of course I couldn’t say no.

I have to change my off work schedule and have to go back to my home town. With my another friend Hinni (not real name). Hinni will stay overnight in Ace’s house. And Me? no oh.. I’ll sleep in my home.

Then on the day, I went early in the morning to Ace wedding place -I looked like a foolish I forget where it is. When I entered the wedding place, I met her old sister and told me to get in to the make up room. I was so so nervous. This is not Ghosts House right? But why I’m so scare, please don’t let me in. I opened the door slowly…and saw Hinni was being used make up. I’m shocked. She looked like this…

hinnie 1
my capture

I said to the make up artist that I’ll do the make up base by myself and she said okay. But finally she added more make up base to my face. I just felt like ‘huu…’ I couldn’t take this anymore. But last I said “Please make it natural” then Imo answered “I’ll not make you like a green snake just take easy girl” Okay Imo, I surrender just do what you want (Imo call for old woman in Korea).

When Imo said it well done, I quickly grab my mirror and I want to cry.

Stop.. I know you are laughing now. But I’m laughing too…. hahahaha

I send my photo to my sister and she said “I want sweep under my bed using your eyelashes lol”

I want do the same.

Little by little I removed my make up, took out the faked eyelashes and finally remove it all. I change with my everyday make up. I got really relieved seeing my face.

my everyday look

I’m not judge that is terrible so much, but that’s not my style. I love something light ,fresh and also  natural. Maybe for some people it’s okay to looked like that or liked strong make up like that. It depends on personal taste. And I’m not one of them.

My friend Ace looked like enjoyed her make up, she didn’t even touch her face to remove it. In the otherwise I wanted to wipe it using cleanser. I really feel so pity about her, on my eyes she looked so older than her age. And his husband looked like terrible with unsuitable make up. He looked like use a flour. The powder he used too bright. Please forgive me to say it.

That’s one of some reason I’m not ready to get married yet. I worry to looked like that, I worry I looked like terrible, like a foolish, like a clown, like someone got hit,like a cream patched on my face and looked so ugly. My face isn’t pretty enough so don’t make it wore.

The other reason, in a drama I saw some people didn’t feel happy with their marriage and some people get hurt by their partner of life.

And one thing who very very important is I still can’t find my Star, my partner of life, my lovely guy, my Minam (call for cool guy in Korea). I wonder that he is a Korean Guy. I hope my life will be so fun and get so many luck.

js copy
photo cc : Vanilla sky edited by me

Cheer happy people, let’s get it.



Onew Come to My House

onew shinee
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I dreamed last night. Something freaky and non sense, but I love it!

I can’t remember how it start.

I was staying in my home, then suddenly my old sister -Nia called me to come out. So I followed her, then…

Oh MY GOD! Who’s there standing in front of our house. There are Onew and who? I don’t really sure maybe Chanyeol or Kai. I said hello and they turn around. Our eyes contacted to each other. I don’t believe them here… I really want to jump and scream. Arrrggghhhh…. Nice to meet you really really.

So I start a conversation.

Me : What are you doing here.

Cy/Kai : We are looking for the stars.

Me : Stars? Ooy, yeah our place is a good place to do it. (First time I knew it, actually)

On/Cy/Kai : Emm yeahh… (at the same time they walk slowly back, go away from us)

Me : Ouh~ oppa how are you. It’s really nice can see you.

Then I saw one more person, is that Minho? In a case before I got a sleep I watch his drama “Somehow 18” and cried after it.

Minho looked so pale and I could see his pain. Please don’t be sad anymore huhuhu…

Then the dream pass…

After that, I saw from a long distance something was happening. What’s that? I saw someone there, maybe a korean actor I don’t remember it. So I said I want to go there. I want see what was happening there. But surprisingly there are some people came to my house. That’s Chris Hemsworth ! The cast from THOR !

chris hemsworth
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Me : Oh my … Chris Hemsworth. Whaatt are you… (I almost screamed) Wow, see you in real, you obviously taller than I see you on the movie. (I’m smiling)

He didn’t speak anything. Just gave me a smile.

He has gone…

Then I went to the place where the actor was standing.

Me : What are you doing here. (I ask one of people there)

Someone : I’m doing a casting for a ….. (She said a tittle of drama or movie)

Me : I want to join. I can do an acting. (I said conidently)

So I start to act with my all abilities…

I woke up and the end.

I still can’t believable I saw SHINee’s member since I’m a Shawol.




살아남은 사람

삶은 생각 문제 있다

살아곘어서 계속 살아야 하지 않을까?

언제든지 문제가 꼭 왔고

아프게 만들고




니가 누구든, 그 아픔의 니낌은 톡같을거에요

울고 싶어요?

그래 울어라~

아직도 무거워요?

운동 나해라~


어떻게요~,,, 방법이 없는데…

어디로 도망 치고 싶어요? 미국?일본? no no

또다른 문제가 더하기 무겁게 만들겠거든

그냥 해요~ 그문제가

삶은 밝히고 신나고 힘내고 즐겨야지!!


즐깁시다 이 삶음.

please take credit to use my post.

Everything on this post I made it by myself.

Cold Cherry

기차와 소나무 (The Train & Pine Tree,Remake) – Cold Cherry Lyric

Cold Cherry

기차와 소나무- 차가운 체리

기차가 서지 않는 간이역에
키 작은 소나무 하나
기차가 지날 때마다
가만히 눈을 감는다

남겨진 이야기만 뒹구는 역에
키 작은 소나무 하나
낮은 귀를 열고서
살며시 턱을 고인다

사람들에게 잊혀진
이야기는 산이 되고
우리들에게 버려진
추억들은 나무 되어

기적 소리 없는 아침이면
마주하고 노랠 부르네
마주보고 노랠 부르네

The Train and Pine Tree – Cold Cherry (Remake)

Gichaga soji anheun ganiteog-e

Khi jageun sonamoo hana

Gichaga jinalttae mada

Gamanhi nuneul gamneunda

namgyeojin iyagiman dwingguneun yeoge

Khi jageun sonamoo hana

Najeun gwireul yeolgoseo

Salmyeosee theugeul goinda

Saramdeul-ege ijhyeojin

Iyagineun sani dwego

Uri deul-ege beoryeojin

Chueok deureun namu dwe-eo

Gijeok sori eobneun achimimyeon

majuhago norael bureune

Majubogo norael bureune

Photo cc :

Lyrics cc : Naver Music


Cold Cherry

못한말 (The Word I Can’t Say) – Cold Cherry Lyric


못한말 ~ 차가운 체리

이젠 헤어짐에 익숙해져 버렸어

같은 이별이 난 올 줄 몰랐어

날 떠나가던 그날 밤에 불투명한 세상이

나의 이 두 눈에 다시 비췰 줄은

날 사랑해서 온 것 아니었었나

사랑하지만 떠난다니

영원히 널 가질 순 없는 거니 그래 너 떠나는

모습 지켜볼게 원한다면 조용하게

아직도 이렇게 아픈데

이대로 날 떠나간다면

어떻게 잊어 어떡해야 잊을 수 있어

하지만 이젠 참아야겠지


한 번도 진지하게 말하지 못한

내가 원망스러울 뿐

너의 냉정한 얼굴

일부러 그런 모습

보이지 않아도 됐을 텐데

누군지 알 순 없지만

이미 그를 사랑한다면

어떻게 지워 어떡해야 지울 수 있어

혼자서 이젠 견뎌야겠지

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나보다 조금 덜 아파야 할 텐데

The Word I Cannot Say – Cold Cherry (Romanji)

Ijen heeojim-e iksukhae jyeo beoryeoseo

Gatheun ibyeori nan oljul mollasseo

Nal tteonagadeon geu nal bam-e bulthumyeonghan sesangi

Naui i du nune dashi bi chwiljureun

Nal saranghaeseo eon geot annieosseotna

Saranghajiman tteonandani

Yeongweonhi neol gajilsun eobneun geoni geurae neo tteonaneun

Moseup jukyeobolge wonhandamyeon joyonghage

Ajikdo ireohge apeunde

Idaero nal tteonagandamyeon

Eotteohke ijeo eotteokhaeya ijeulsu isseo

Hajiman ijen chama-ya gettji

# Saranghandago

Han beondo jinjihage malhaji mothan

Naega wonmang seuro-ulppun

Neoui nengjeonghan eolgul

Ilburo geureon moseup

Boiji anhado dwesseul thende

Nugunji alsun eobjiman

Immi geureul sarang handamyeon

Eottehke jiweo eotteokhaeya jiul isseo

Honjaseo ijen gyeodyeo-ya gettji

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Na boda jogeum deol apha-ya halthende

Photo cc :

Lyrics cc : Naver Music

Cold Cherry

숨소리(Breath Sound)- Cold Cherry


숨소리 – 차가운 체리

깊고 어두운 시간

내사랑 이름모를 사람들

하나 둘 어디론가 고개 떨구며

아득히 먼 곳으로

칠흑 같은 이 순간

외로운 섬과 같은 슬픔들

누구도 외면할 수 없는 눈동자

가슴속 외친 자유의 눈물

어둠은 빛을 이기지 못한다는

고상한 무엇도 아니었음을

그렇게 모른척 할 수 없는 소리

그건 나의 아니 우리의 숨소리

오월의 향기가 되어

아픔을 나누지는 못해도

기억할 순 있어요

가슴속 깊이 간직한

누구도 소중하지 않은 것 없는

우리의 나라 민주여

어둠은 빛을 이기지 못한다는

고상한 무엇도 아니었음을

그렇게 모른척 할 수 없는 소리

그건 나의 아니 우리의 숨소리

오월의 향기가 되어

아픔을 나누지는 못해도

기억할 순 있어요

가슴속 깊이 간직한

누구도 소중하지 않은 것 없는

우리의 나라 민주여

오월의 향기가 되어

아픔을 나누지는 못해도

기억할 순 있어요

가슴속 깊이 간직한

누구도 소중하지 않은 것 없는

우리의 나라


Breath Sound – Cold Cherry

Gipgo eodoo-woon sigan

Nae sarang ireummoreul saramdeul

Hana-dool eodiron-ga gonggae tteogoomyeo

Adeukhi meon goseuro

Chilheuk gatheun ee-soongan

Oeroun seomgwa gatheun seulpheumdeul

Bugudo oemyeohal su eobneun nundongja

Gaseumsok oechin jayoo-ye nunmul

Eodumeum beecheul igiji mothandaneun

Gosanghaneun mooeotdo anieosseumeul

Geureohge moreuncheok hal su eobneun sori

Geugeon na-ye ani uri-ye soomsori

O wor-i hyanggi ga dwe-eo

Apheumeul nanujineun mothaedo

Gieokhal sun isseoyo

Gaseumsok giphi ganjikhan

Nugudo sojunghaji anheun geot eobneun

Oori-ye nara minjooyeo

Eodumeun bicheul eegeejee mothandaneun

Gosanghan mooeotdo anieosseumeul

Geureohge moreuncheok hal su eobneun sori

Geugeon naui  ani oori-ye soomsori

O wor-i hyanggi ga dwe-eo

Apheumeul nanujineun mothaedo

Gieokhal sun isseoyo

Gaseumsok giphi ganjikhan

Nugudo sojunghaji anheun geot eobneun

Oori-ye nara minjooyeo

Owor-e hyanggiga dweeo

Eepheumeul nanujineun mothaedo

Gieok halsoon isseoyo

Gaseum  sok giphi ee ganjeekhan

Noogoodo sojoong haji anheun geot eobneun

Ooree-ye nara

Min joo yeo

Photo cc :

Lyrics cc : naver music

Cold Cherry

텅(Hollow) – Cold Cherry lyric

cold cherry 손뜻콜

차가운 체리

가슴속 텅 비어 오는 날에는

동전 몇 푼도 없이

차도 오지 않는 이 길을

말없이 걷고 있는데

마음속 텅 비어 오는 날에도

낡은 우산도 없이

비도 오지 않는 이 길을

말없이 걷고 있는데

난 어디로 가는 걸까

난 어디로 가는 걸까

내가 가는 그곳엔

무엇이 있을까

난 어디로 가는 걸까

난 어디로 가는 걸까

난 어디로 가는 걸까

난 어디로 가는 걸까

Hollow – Cold Cherry

Gaseum sok theong bi-eo oneun nareneun

Dongjeon myeot phundo eobsi

Chado oji anh-neun I-gireul

Mal eobsi geotgo ittneunde

Maeumsok theong bi-eo oneun naredo

 Nalgeun usan do eobsi

Bido oji anhneun I gireul

Mal eobsi geotgo itneunde

Nal eodiro ganeun geolkka

Nan eodiro ganeun geolkka

Naega ganeun geu gosen

Mueosi isseulkka

Nan eodiro ganeun geolkka

Nan eodiro ganeun geolkka

Nan eodiro ganeun geolkka

Nan eodiro ganeun geolkka

Photo cc :

Lyrics cc : naver music





Happy New Year~~~ *Prriiiit prriiiittt tukang parkir mode on

Udah tanggal 1-1-18 nih,,, udah mikirin buat resolusi tahun ini?

Buat gue ada satu yang pengen banget dicapai… please blog ini masuk di pencarian google.

Gue kan posting beberapa artikel tentang cold cherry -salah satu band indi dari korea, pas gue coba search di google, postingan gue nggak ada sama sekali. Padahal nggak banyak orang yang nulis tentang cold cherry.

Dan after pesta malam tahun baru, badan gue jadi kurang fit. Kalau aja setelah streaming MBC Gayo Daejun gue langsung masuk kamar terus tidur mengabaikan orang-orang yang ngajakin tahun baru-an. Karena, yah tahun baruan itu sama sekali nggak rame -menurut gue yang tinggal di Puncak-Bogor. Cuma nontonin motor & orang-orang mondar- mandir pake macet, itu mah pergi ke jalan Sukabumi juga banyak. Jauh-jauh hari gue rencananya mau kayak tahun kemarin tuh, karena nggak ada acara streaming jam 08.00 pm udah bisa laying on the bed trus set alarm di 11.50 pm -an biar bisa nonton kembang api. Alhasil gue istirahat cukup, nonton kembang api iyah and ngucapin Selamat Tahun Baru -itu sih cuma gue yang denger.

I’m still working on a New Year day !

Bye my 2017, year with a full pain and tears.

Losing 2 men to become angel


Cold Cherry

Cold Cherry Special Album – 손뜻콜(sontteutkhol)

“사랑한다고…” I said I love you

Should I say it louder so you can hear it clearly… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 누구한테 ?? 미친 ㅋㅋㅋ

아~미안 V^^V Sorry happy people…. Okay pass it let’s go!

cold cherry 손뜻콜

After I introduce who is Cold Cherry on my post before, now I‘ll let you know their latest album. Even though it’s not a full album like before maybe I can say it mini album or Special Album. It is 손뜻콜 (sontteutkhol) -I don’t really know the meaning

손뜻콜 album:

못한말 /mothanmal (The word I can’t say) listen on youtube

텅/teong (Hollow) listen on youtube

기차와 소나무 /gichawa sonamoo (A Train and Pine Tree Remake from 80s song by Lee Gyu Seok) listen on youtube

And instrument of 못한말 /mothanmal

You can download the album here on Naver music music or Itunes

cold cherry 손뜻콜

cr : ig coldcherry

이쁘다 ❤

Honestly I want to buy it, but I don’t know where it is and how it is. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 슬프다ㅠㅠㅠ 날 줄래? 주소가 피려하면 연락 해요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

cold cherry fanart

my fan art @minminshy

Now Yoo Hyun Jin didn’t joint for this album,, I’m not really sure, I guess he defoliate from Cold cherry … I don’t have a lot of information, sorry. Should I ask  KimPalgang 씌?


After a several days thinking, finally I delivered a question to him…

SS cold cherry

But he is not really alone, he make a collaboration with Leader  Moon-seonsu, guitarist and music arrangement.

근데 제 생각은 3체 사진은 좀 오바 한거 안냐? 포즈가. It’s only what I see with my eyes maybe you think different… But last pict really good ㅇㅈ.Super like it.

Yes, he looked like a truly musician whom only life for music and an art. And of course he got married…


Like a habit, after a musician or idol released an album so they have to hold a concert. And Cold Cherry also does it.

Gwangju presented by Radio Ga!Ga!

Club Showcase



cold cherry

cold cherry concert


Maybe you miss Growing pain stage.

GIF Cold Cherry Growing Pain

May I got a wrong post,, please forgive me, I’m not well in korean but I should search about Cold Cherry news on Naver,, I learn korean alone so if there are something wrong just write on the comment column. Thank you happy people for visiting me.

See you on the next post, I’ll tell what I feel for this album.

And also shared the lyrics.

cr : , KOBUCO Music blog (naver)

life style

Her Room Getting Messy

Your dream…>>

harry potter room
credit :

Fact in your house…

Let’s get in ->

nia's chamber

nia's chamber

What’s on the table

1.     Tissue case

2.     Highlighter stick

3.     Jars

4.     Pencil case with a lot of fans

5.     Cell phone

6.     Vase with flower

7.     Potion replica

8.     Books

9.     Boxes

10.  Bag

11.  Belt

12.  Tripod

13.  Etc-

It’s not mine~ but someone in my house lol

Whatever ~ “How you lay on this bed?”

nia's chamber

nia's chamber
Even cat love sleep on the bed

However you want lol

Put it on, put that on too~

Ouch, make it (envelope) fly

I love those flies keep flying in corner of the room

(This is actually flying keys on Harry Potter and The Sorcerer Stone)

messy room nia's chamber

Where your make up couldn’t be handled anymore


And also your fashion stuffs

I guess I must replace this,,, this is not only photos we have

But maybe after this post get 100 viewers hahahaha

messy room nia's chamber

Everything you see on the photos above, don’t let your mind thinking how could, we do nothing with all the messy. Open your eyes, in this world it’s not impossible to another rooms looked like that.. I hope so~~ LOL

At least you still can open your window and make the sun shine come in.

messy room nia's chamber

Thanks to see unnecessary story here

Hope you enjoy budy!!