The Chest Fur


Don’t be so loudly.. please be kindly to not make some noise,, I’m on working now, but i steal the time for relaxation.. hehehe

Do you have ever seen Maleficent (a movie), if the answer is yes so you should know Diaval.

He is one of character in the movie, rolled by Sam Riley. He looked like  gentleman, I recognize it when I see his another picture from the internet. But couldn’t see him like that on Maleficent. WHY?

It’s my fault. When I and my oldy sister watched it together, I ask her about nonsense question.

Me : “Why his V-neck blouse been made so long?”

Old Sister: ” That’s in order to show of his chest fur.” with a plain expression

Then for a moment we became so quiet. But suddenly I feel it’s so freak, that she said it like that. LOL…

After that statement, we couldn’t focus on Maleficent story instead looking and laughing when Diaval come. His chest fur ow woo~~

Well here is Diaval on Maleficent

Diaval on Maleficent
His V-Neck oh~wooo (pict. by google)

Then the real Sam Riley

sam riley
Ouch so gentleman (pict. by pinterest)

Well, my sister said to me ” You do not make a comment when watch a movie you destroy the story and make a bad feeling”

See you for another story, fine reader.